Police, hospitals say the trendy hallucinogen has made its way to Valley.

March 26 2011, 10:51 PM EDT

On Christmas Day, Easton police received three increasingly frantic phone calls from a man who believed armed intruders had surrounded his Pine Street home and were on his roof.

Police arrived twice to find nothing amiss at James Wolosin's home. Responding to the third call, police say they found Wolosin, 27, armed with a sword he had used to smash a second-floor window. And his wife, Lueanna Linares-Wolosin, appeared at the smashed window with a child in her arms and yelled that she was going to jump.

Pointing to the chimneys of surrounding homes, Wolosin told police those were the people out to get him. Police subdued him with a stun gun, according to court records.

Drugs were suspected as the cause of the couple's strange behavior. Police say the couple was under the hallucinogenic effects of bath salts...

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